The Team


Frances Wilson and Lorraine Liyanage

Frances and Lorraine met in September 2011 at a piano weekend course run by Frances’ teacher, Penelope Roskell. A mutual interest in piano teaching and also an upcoming Diploma exam led them to form a firm friendship rooted in all things piano. Since meeting, they have gone on to pursue many joint musical ventures.

Lorraine Liyanage is a pianist and teacher who runs her own highly successful private piano practice in East Dulwich called the SE22 Piano School. She enjoys teaching both the piano and harpsichord and specialises in teaching intermediate to advanced level students, regularly preparing many for music scholarship entry to secondary schools in Southwark and Lewisham. Lorraine is a firm believer in public performance, whether you have only had a few lessons or whether you have been learning for years. In addition to organising yearly recitals for her students, she also organises the Dulwich Piano Festival held yearly at Alleyn’s School.

Frances Wilson holds an Licentiate Diploma (Distinction) in Piano Performance from Trinity College of Music, London, and runs a popular private piano teaching studio from her home in south-west London. Frances writes music reviews for international concert and opera listings website Bachtrack, culture and arts site CultureVulture, and blogs on music and pianism as The Cross-Eyed Pianist. She writes a regular column for ‘Pianist’ magazine’s online content, and contributes to various other classical music and piano pedagogy websites around the world.

Currently studying with Penelope Roskell, international concert pianist and Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Frances has also attended masterclasses with Carlo Grante, Murray MacLachlan and Norma Fisher, and has taken private tuition from pianists Alan Fraser, Graham Fitch and James Lisney.

3 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Judith Batson October 8, 2013 at 6:36 pm Reply

    Hi Frances

    My name is Judith – I am a pianist who has had a long break from playing.
    I have just recently got back to practicing regularly and I am keen for a chance to perform my pieces in public and to meet other like-minded people.
    I also practice Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga regularly for the past 7 years and I would love to see if I could help bring the disciplines of Yoga and Music together, I admire Francis and Lorraine for the setting up the group and the work that you do for your students.
    When is the next event date for October/November? I really look forward to meeting you and the team.

    Kind regards

    Judith Batson

    • SE22 Piano School October 8, 2013 at 9:25 pm Reply

      Hi Judith, thanks for the lovely feedback. We have loads of events coming up, I’ll email you details of some of them now. You can also find all this information on the homepage of the site.

  2. Emily Crews Montes June 17, 2014 at 2:26 pm Reply

    Hi Judith,

    I came upon your comment by chance. I’m also a pianist who has had a mixed commitment to playing throughout my life, and like you decided to change that in autumn 2013. I went to a workshop on the Cortot Method, and as a result of that have had some tuition from some fabulous pianists. These are quite high profile people, so would rather let you know who they are via email than claim to be their pupil on a public site (!).

    The reason for my replying is that, through these other pianists, I read about Mario Joao Pires, Portugal’s most famous pianist, who swears by a using Yoga and meditation in conjunction with piano technique (the teaching and the practice thereof). There are a few videos of her masterclasses on YouTube, though I haven’t found the one that one of her pupils told me she filmed specifically on yoga/meditation (I can’t remember which) for the piano.

    Emily Mont├Ęs

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